☆ How do I get a wholesale account? ☆

Email us at or check us out on EeBria Trade.

 ☆ How do you come up with the beer names? ☆

A lot of drunk workshopping. They're mostly puns of metal songs. 

☆ How long have you been going? ☆

Since 2011.

☆ Who designs your can labels/keg clips/cask clips etc? ☆

Kev Grey does all our cool designs! Check him out! He's pretty dope.

☆ Is your beer vegan? ☆

Unless stated otherwise, the majority of our beer in cans, mini-kegs and growlers is vegan! The only exceptions would be anything with Lactose or Cask beer that typically has finings added in the brewing process which is not vegan.

☆ Didn't you used to do a beer with [insert a poor description of a label here]? ☆

We probably did. We've done a lot of different beers. We're probably gonna throw up a old keg clip collection post at some point. But for now, you can check us out on Untappd if it's really bugging you.

☆ Can I get a Sticker/Keg Clip for my home bar? ☆

I mean, if you ask us nicely, maybe sometimes. We do put stickers in with every online order so that's probably your best way of getting them!

☆ What is a Grisette? ☆

Google it you uncultured swine. 

☆ I'm a neck bearded beer nerd, can I come work for free? ☆

No. Fuck off.

☆ Can I get a brewery tour? ☆

No. It's a mess and we don't want to clean it for guests.

☆ What is your return/exchange policy? ☆

If goods are to be returned to Black Iris Bottle Shop & Tap Room, they must be returned in their original packaging, unworn, within 14 days of purchase. You will be refunded for the goods once received back into our warehouse, minus applicable shipping costs, unless the return concerns faulty or damaged goods. if you would like to return your goods back to us and we will help you to do this.

☆ The T-Shirt I ordered doesn't fit :( ☆

If you have ordered an incorrect size for an item of clothing, we are happy to offer a replacement item (if available) if we are notified within 14 days of the purchase, provided the incorrect item is returned to us in an unworn, saleable condition with all tags still attached. If no replacement is available, please see our returns policy above.

☆ What are the shipping options? ☆

If you're local, you can do a Click and Collect order and swing by the taproom and pick it up on Fridays (4-10) and Saturdays (12-10) during taproom opening hours.

Not local? We now have national delivery available! Online orders are shipped out on Tuesdays and Thursdays for next day delivery!

☆ Do you ship internationally? ☆

Currently, we don't. You can thank weird alcohol tax laws for that.


If there's a question that wasn't covered on this page, feel free to send us a message over on our Contact Us Page.