Cheese Riot 3%

When our friends from Essen fine food came down for a brew day around about the time of Goose Fair. The beer was being brewed and we still didn't have a name, and as you all know folks, in craft beer the name usually comes first and the beer second but here we were: Knowing exactly what to make without a pun in sight. All we knew was that this beer would go well with a lot of cheese. eventually and i suppose obviously the conversation turned to the rather wonderfully odd history of the legendary fair. And then out of the depths of our memories sprung a recollection: the 1766 Cheese Riot! And then in the end, we couldn't really call it anything else could we?

Taking inspiration from low abv belgian saisons designed be refreshing and more-ish after a long day on the farm while combining that with our love of modern British table beers pioneered by the likes of Kernel and Burning Sky. The resulting beer is a 3% pale with coriander, rye and a more than generous dosing of Talus, and Citra Cryo hops.

ABV. 3.0%
Ingredients: Water, Malted BarleyWheatOatsRyeCoriander Seeds, Hops (Talus & Citra Cryo), Yeast
For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see underlined ingredients

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